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Monday, October 17, 2011

3 Things We Learned at CTIA

The CTIA Conference in San Diego was filled with both strong ideas and subtle hints about where mobility is headed in the next year.  The week got started with keynote addresses by the  CEO's of AT&T, Verizon & Sprint.  The crowd didn't quite know what to make of uncomfortable jabs sent back and forth between AT&T and Sprint.  Sprint's CEO (Hesse) compared AT&T's CEO (de la Vega) to John Wilkes Booth; not so flattering a comparison.  In reply, de la Vega quipped that it was Hesse who was more like President Lincoln's assassin, because Hesse was "the biggest actor in the industry."  Here are 3 things SDSol took away from the conference:

1.  M2M (machine-to-machine) Technology is going to have a strong year next year.  As GPS hardware continues to evolve, more comprehensive data is becoming accessible over web and mobile applications.  For instance, do you own a fleet of trucks, and want to know where they are, how fast they're going, when they'll arrive at their destination, where the driver went to eat, etc...?  The hardware being created is getting more and more advanced, and is hungry for custom software integration.  Most of the companies SDSol talked to did not have applications for their hardware.    Software companies would be wise to make strong contacts in the M2M hardware industry.

2.  Healthcare Mobility will save lives and money in years to come.  More accurate record keeping, fewer visits to the doctor, document/x-ray viewing capability, and remote monitoring devices will drive costs down for patients and doctors.  The next incarnation of healthcare is certain to make Dr. Gregory House jump for joy, as it will bring about less patient/doctor interaction, and more efficient data accumulation.  Mobile Apps are bringing the Doctor’s office to your smart phone.  Elements of M2M and unique software ideas and integration will hopefully help to drive costs down for everyone.  We’ll believe it when we see it. 

3.  MVNO Companies need to play a bigger role in the market .  Mobile Virtual Network Operators are the second tier in the Mobile Network Environment.  These companies buy minutes from AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, and offer recycled or revamped mobile packages for end users.  Boost or Virgin are examples of MVNO's.  As mobility grows, and smart phone technology is becoming a necessity, not a luxury for businesses, MVNO's are in a position to take a bite out of the market, ONLY, if they partner with the right MVNE, or Mobile Virtual Network Enabler.  SDSol was disappointed with MVNO presence at the show, but we know that MVNO’s are a growing industry with a promising future.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Creating Jobs in Today's Digital World

The majority of Americans are growing anxious about the jobs situation in the United States today.  Weak job creation effects us all, even the employed, as the state of the economy appears to be on a downward slope yet again.  Everyday, your average American is going out to buy the day-to-day products they need to survive, and occasionally they'll have enough funds left over to splurge and go out on the town.  Products are becoming more expensive while the contents of our wallets are dwindling and experiencing more alone time.  Obviously, they are not being used as much.  Jobs have always been a commodity in the past, but today, not having and retaining your employment could have catastrophic consequences, not only for the unemployed individual, but for the future of our country.  

Now, in an upcoming political year that is certain to be volatile and ideologically separative, we can already hear the main battle cry "JOBS JOBS JOBS."  Politicians of any political party will try their best to come up with the best jobs creation plan.  They will attack each others' approach and sling nasty words back and forth like a "Yo mamma's so ugly" battle, but none of them will tell us the truth: in today's digital world, the common job is becoming obsolete due to technology.  

This isn't an uninformed assertion, but a fact that needs to be addressed so we can resolve the question of where new jobs can be created. We live in an era where jobs are being reduced as a result of amazing technology.  Take the age old profession of retail cashiers for example. Up until the 80's to early 90's, such jobs were a mandatory part of the purchasing process.  You bought your Spam in aisle 7, took it to Flo in checkout lane 2, paid, and walked out the door.  The business landscape - just 2 decades later - has changed remarkably.  The retail cashier is being phased out.  Now, most retail stores have a very intricate software application, attached to a unobtrusive piece of hardware, that scans your items, adds them for you, takes your coupons, and gives you an option on how to pay.   It's quick, painless, and it makes you laugh at the poor schlubs in the "real person" line.  Cashiers are expected to increase a measly 4% by 2018.  And even that number seems high.

Other day-to-day occupations such as restaurant servers are in trouble too.  Recently, a restaurant decided to do away with servers all together by placing iPads on their dining tables.  The customer flips through the menu, orders his or her food, and guess what...I bet their orders won't be screwed up when the food gets to the table!  Bank tellers, gas station attendants, telephone operators, and many other job titles are going bye-bye fast as a result emerging technology.  And now, we are hearing alarming reports of the US Post Office closing up shop.   Tech has changed the game...and it's only going to change it more.  

So what do we need to do to create jobs?  We need to invest in the education of our citizens to create better technology, and keep up with the rest of the world who is already on board with the importance of technology education.  Kind of a vicious circle, huh?  But the tech industry needs educated system architects and designers.  Tech innovation will eventually make most worldwide professions obsolete.  The question is: will it happen in our lifetime?  Many experts see technology growing so exponentially that a “Singularity,” or rebirth, of the human race is coming soon. Scientists like Raymond Kurtzweil, who is lauded by the likes of Bill Gates, Colin Powell, and others, believes that in our lifetime, the human race will infuse elements of technology into our bodies, and promote longer living, and better quality of life.

For the politicians that are already traveling on their buses to preach their job creation epiphanies, for once, tell it like it is --we must educate our citizens more than ever before to grow jobs in the US.  Stop focusing on filling positions that were important 50 years ago, and start informing your constituents about how the world is today.  Start planning for the future.  Computer science should be mandatory for all children k-12, and its importance must be drilled into our children's heads.  We can't get in the time machine and pretend that professions are still viable when they have obviously been phased out by our technological progress.  We CAN educate our populous much better.  We CAN remove the rearview mirror of historic job creation.  We CAN get smarter and more competitive worldwide.  We CAN create jobs… but we must be realistic about how to do so in today's digital world.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Can't Give Away Free Money on Facebook: An Experiment

SDSol recently conducted an experiment in the social media advertising realm. For lack of a better term, let’s just call it the “get a free toaster when you open a checking account” approach. In an attempt to attract new IT customers, our marketing team launched a Facebook advertising campaign in order to get rid of some soon to expire gift cards. We at SDSol were shocked by the response – or lack thereof.

Periodically, Google will send companies like SDSol complimentary gift cards to lure new advertisers to their Adwords service. SDSol had a bunch that were just sitting in a desk about to expire. Being that it is the end of the summer, and IT business has been a bit sparse, we thought it would be a great idea to give them to the business community in South Florida. We targeted business owners in Coral Gables, offering the following: “$100 gift card with every tech support estimate. Only 10 gift cards left.”

This writer did not expect to get rid of all 10, however, after 2 weeks, we had not received ONE call or form fill for tech support! We were happy to get several new followers on our Facebook page…but not one call or form fill?

The campaign reached over 60,000 pairs of eyes in the Greater Miami area. So SDSol would like to pose the question, why didn't the experiment work? Was it not the right venue or website to advertise in this way? Was it not directed at the right demographic? Does the ad play like a cheap ploy?

Bottom line is, this is a reflection of not only an economy in the dumps, but a general "advertising is not cool" opinion that has, and always will be part of the public marketplace. The preceding quote is even one of the most memorable lines in "The Social Network," ironically about Facebook's attitude towards advertising. For now, SDSol will seek other methods to market its gifts to prospects and customers.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Google Plus and Facebook Advertising In Miami

The next incarnation of the social network has burst onto the scene in the form of Google’s new Google+ network.  So far, it is getting mixed reviews (see,  and and many are delaying their painful social network migration.   It seems that the Google+ is stuck in limbo right now, as there hasn’t been THAT much buzz, or at least signs of an exodus from Facebook.  Many have to wonder how Google+ can differentiate themselves, and show some value to increase its numbers?  The only value Google can REALLY PROVIDE, is successful online advertising solutions
The Google Advertising Network has become a cash cow for companies that know how to utilize  it properly.  And it seems that more small businesses are showing interest in Google+ than your run of the mill social networker.  Google+ will be capitalizing on this…and it’s a safe bet that Google’s advertising think tank is figuring out a way to make Google+ more alluring than Facebook’s model.  If they can show businesses solid ROI, they will be able to pull from Facebook’s steady stream of advertising dollars.  Facebook has yet to really make their online marketing and advertising model work, by the way.  Sure, it’s making Facebook money, but is it really making small businesses money?  Some consider it to be a slight step up from advertising on Craigslist.  There is an unspoken stigma about their advertising model, and it is getting very old to facebook users.
One thing is for sure, Google+ has a dragon to slay in Facebook.  Search Engine Marketing in Miami, and elsewhere,  is being driven by Google.  If they are going to slay the dragon, they must focus on what they do well.  Unfortunately for those who hate advertising, it is SEM.  We’ll leave it up to them how to incorporate it into Social Media.

CEO admits Google+ is a giant advertising database. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Click Here to Order: The Secret Ingredient To Local Restaurant Success.

As I've gotten older, and my trusted army of gadgets have coddled me more and more, I've begun to loathe the age old act of ordering the pizza.  I can't stand having to enunciate and repeat "Pepperoni and Pineapple!" to a teen age girl who is trying to concentrate on my order while changing her relationship status on facebook...again.  It is such a pain to have to spell my address over and over and over.  Don't even bring up having to pay by credit card!  Forgetaboutit.

So, it pains me when I go to my favorite pizza joint's website and they do not have an online ordering application.  If I want to order online, I've gotta order from the big chains. And, being that I am a complete food snob, this is unacceptable.  So I find myself having to talk to the nit witted, and sometimes incoherent cashier, wasting valuable time that could be spent watching the latest and greatest viral video.  The Big Delivery Guys know I don't want to talk to that nincompoop.  In fact, one of their commercials tells me all the time that I'll get my pizza "My Way, Right Away."  Well my way is on the internet.  Thing is, I don't want their pizza, I want good pizza.  Local pizza.  And I'm not the only one.

According to a study conducted at Cornell University, a survey of 470 internet users indicated that just under half of them have used their computers and/or cell phones to order food.  It is time for the local pizza joint to get in the game!  This is a simple business development tool, which is easy, affordable, and effective.  Many restaurants are ignoring this solution; assuming it is too expensive.  However, ordering food online is the type of solution which will pay for itself within the first year of implementation.  By maximizing your website's productivity, saving money will be in your near future.  Take another look at the Cornell Study. College towns are a hub for food delivery services.  Upwards of 50% are ordering online, and that number is growing by the year.  Does your business want a slice of that proverbial [pizza] pie?

SDSol Technologies provides dynamic mobile and web based solutions in today's tech driven world.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Romeo Innocenti Offering Buffalo, New York a Taste of Tuscany

Tuscan Way, the leader in Tuscany cooking courses and wine tastings and friend of SDSol, is bringing Romeo Innocenti stateside for a unique cooking demonstration and a mouthwatering food and wine tasting experience.

Join him in the WNED studios on July 19th for this exciting event. Space is limited so please RSVP for WNED: A Taste of Tuscany right away!  

If you would prefer to connect with Romeo in Tuscany, Italy instead please book an Italian cooking vacation here. 


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SDSol Wishing You a Happy Early IPv6 Day!

SDSol Technologies is pleased to be participating in IPv6 Day tomorrow, June 8th. This is the test date for ISPs, hosts, and individual website owners to switch over to the new version 6 internet protocol. For more information visit the Internet Society website .

The average website user will be unaffected and the actual transition is a ways away.

SDSol Technologies is glad to participate as it gives us yet another leg up on the competition in our Miami server configuration and management work.

Stay tuned for an update tomorrow.